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Dogmatic Laws, for those who dare to read them!
The World, as seen by Betty K. Itchiebotum
Favorite Links
Secret, no one enter here, this is my personal business, and you should all just piss off!
If you dare contact me, here is where you want to go...
Betty's favorite haunts
War, and all it's implications.

           Here thou shall find a great multitude of sites that I have deemed nessisary for thy viewing.  Read the brief note above each one to learn where it leads your careless, free, and soon to be damned soul! 

Join us, we desperately need help!  Pledge your soul to our cause and recieve an eternal supply of puddin' pops!!!

Here we have the "Do Not Go Here" page, for those who just had to find out what the secret was...

Here's a link to a friend's site: