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Dogmatic Laws, for those who dare to read them!
The World, as seen by Betty K. Itchiebotum
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Secret, no one enter here, this is my personal business, and you should all just piss off!
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Betty's favorite haunts
War, and all it's implications.

More than  likely, I will be the only one who ever see's this place, so I'll keep it short, here are my favorite web pages, and a brief thing about them.  Continue on to them with your own risk...

The first on the list will be those that I can play on, so without further ado,
Popcap games is a collection of really kiddy games, you know, the ones you loved when you were like, five, well, maybe I'm just a looser, but those games were awsome!  Mummy Maze, Noah's Ark(minus the booze), and Big Money, are all tittles that can be found under the awsome, if childish wing of Popcap games
The second is an oldie, but a goody.  one of those foul websites, with raunchy jokes, disgusting sing-a-longs, and games that are illegal in all 49 states.  Yeah, this is like the complete opposite of Popcap, oh well, it kicks ass!

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