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Welcome to the
The War


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War, in all it's horror and disgusting nature, seems to be a trend through-out man kind.  Here is were I will state my declarations of war. 

The first declaration of war goes to my most troubling enemy.  HCWM, Obious.  We are at war.  You have tread on my ground with out my blessing.  You never asked, and for those two reasons we are at war.  You are a threat to my religeon, and my page.  I see now that I must get busy, because this is where the new weluvducsoha page will be, if you continue to fuck with my old one.  I did not build the site, but rather the took it upon myself to get the religeon onto the drawing table. It is Zoels, as much as mine, and for this I issue forth a second Declaration of war.
The second Declaration of war goes out to you zoel.  You have allowed this in our house, you have ignored me and this is wrong.  You disregard my right to joint rule and have spit in my face.  You have stolen what should have been part of not only my, but everyones page.  Damn this behavior!  It disgusts me!

There can be only one victor!