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Welcome to the
Dogmatic Laws, for those who dare to read them!
The World, as seen by Betty K. Itchiebotum
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War, and all it's implications.

Welcome to the homepage of the Holy Wemonks
Welcome Winter Sunset
Join with the S.O.C.K.!

Hear ye, Hear ye,
             Thy hast entered the holy realm of the Sacret Wemonks of Cleaveland.  Behold our propaganda, for it is the truth, and the only means to true salvation!  Behold the might of the wemonks, come all ye who be Lords or Ladies of great valor and courage, for death awaits you with sharp pointy teeth!  Realy,  I'll sick His Holiness Mini on thy damned soul!  He will send you all to the Realm of eternal disco, but no pie!  So I say unto all ye, join, or die!  Behold the rest of the glorious members of mainstream Weluvducsoha!

            Here thou shalt learn about the wemonks, their stances on current issues, and the reason that they exist.  You will learn who is our mortal enemy, and about the evil pie-lovers.  Thou shall become learned in the apparent rationalism behind loathing of the peoples who like pie.  You shall become learned in the contempt, CP Brain Candy, should be held in every mans soul. 

Hear ye, Hear ye
Click only if thy soul is pure and clean!
Enter the secret lair of the Secret Order of the Canibalistic Koala!

What's New?

When ever I feel that I have edited something signifigant, I'll let you all know, untill then nothing really changes here...

Read our dogmatic laws
Sacred Dogmatic laws
or exist in the realm of eternal tickling!

Please, if you really want to contact me, just go to my contacts page, otherwise, go away, this is my box, leave it alone! 
Unless of course you are willing to join the Wemonks, or Secret Order of the Canibalistic Koala,S.O.C.K., a parniod devision of the Wemonks.